Yang, Weng Qing, 36 – design tracer.

“I have two kids, a son aged 14 and a daughter aged eight. My son lives in Guizhou with my family. He’s pretty introverted and often when we speak on the phone the conversation stops, and he doesn’t want to say anything more. I guess that’s teenagers, but I still find it sad.”


armchair, scandinavian style

 “I’m close to my daughter. She’s a naughty one – very chatty and always thinks she’s right!”



 Weng Qing laughs when we ask to take her photo. Turning to her colleague she exclaims – “I’m so dusty! And this lady wants to take photos of me!” She wouldn’t be a true artisan if she didn’t wear a few specks of dust.


Yang, Weng Qing, traces the shapes for our Scandinavian-style Karla armchair into the oak frame.

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