Yu, Ren Lin, 57 – carpenter.

“I’ve been a carpenter my whole life. I use to make furniture by hand in my village and people would travel for miles from neighboring villages to put in their requests. Back then, having wooden furniture made was a big event, once in a lifetime for most people, usually when they got married.”


Furniture, retro style

“There are seven key pieces that make up a furniture ‘wedding set’: a short chest of drawers, a tall chest of drawers, a desk, a bed, a wardrobe, and two bedside tables. How many of these a bride receives depends on how much her family can afford. Most can only afford three or four and have to prioritise.”


Furniture, retro style

“I learnt the carpentry trade from my father. We worked together, designing our own pieces. As times changed the demand for custom, hand-made furniture slowed, and in 1993 we closed our shop. I moved to Shenzhen to work for a property developer, but I always knew I would return home.”

Ren Lin works on our mid-century-style Rubricks collection

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