Yu, Wei Jin, 41 – finishing expert.

“When I was 13 I started selling ice lollies near my house. I did it every day in the mornings and evenings. I was making Rmb150-200 in profit every month – that was a lot of money then. I used some of the money to help my parents pay for my school fees. With the rest I bought a watch, but I lost it. Then a bike, but it was stolen.”

Wei Jin’s story is amazing. Watches, bikes and portable radios were the three things that everyone wished for in the 1980s. They were prohibitively expensive imported goods. Many people saved up months, or even years. They regarded them as the three milestones that represented freedom.


Furniture, mid-century style

“I’ve been at this workshop for five years. This is where my home is, I moved back after a number of years working as a painter and decorator in Shanghai.”


Furniture, mid-century style

“When I was younger I played a lot of table tennis and was at one point ranked number one in my high school! I don’t play anymore as I don’t really have the time, or access to a table.”


Wei Jin sands the surfaces of our Rubricks designs.

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