Zheng, Jing Hua, 40 – wood texture specialist.

“I love to watch singing competition shows on TV. I used to play the horn in a band and I enjoy singing traditional Chinese songs. I always like to think I’m musical but I was never very good. I don’t have a great voice and I’m definitely not going to sing for you right now!”


armchair, Scandinavian style

 “I’ve got two children and they couldn’t be more different. The elder one is 12 and she likes studying, the younger one is 7 and he loves playing. She’s calm; he’s naughty. They’re always fighting.”


armchair, Scandinavian style

 “English is my daughter’s best subject, and I’m very proud of her for it. I hated studying, particularly English!”

Zheng, Jing Hua, creates the textured driftwood finish on our Scandinavian style Karla armchair.

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