Zhu, Ji Hong, 46 – painter.

“I’m happiest when I’m out having fun. I’ve always enjoyed life, and going out with other people more so than staying in. When we go out we do some karaoke, play a bit of mahjong. Do you play mahjong? You should, it’s more fun than cards!”


Desk, modern country style

“You can’t tell whether someone is going be a good painter until you see them paint. Naturally, they’ve got to be diligent, hard working and have nimble hands, but when it comes to actually being a good painter, I know it when I see it.”


Desk, modern country style

“I love the natural colour of wood, but if I had to choose a paint colour it’d be white. It’s so fresh and clean.” He tells us about his home. And yes, there’s a lot of white inside.

Ji Hong hand-paints the finishes on our modern country-style Marylebone desks

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