Trend report – 2018 home inspiration from Milan
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Trend report – 2018 home inspiration from Milan

First rule when ordering a coffee in Italy – never ask for an ‘espresso’. Or even worse, an ‘expresso’. Especially in Milan. A city where perfection is paramount – even in your coffee order. The birthplace of some of the most famed fashion houses, Milan is a hub for trend-setters and innovators aplenty.

It’s the ideal location for the world’s biggest annual design fair. We set off to feed our insatiable appetite for new trends last week and this is what we found.

Retro reimagined

“Canadian Club – straight up.” was the request on the tip of our tongues while perusing a number of Mad Men-esque accent pieces. But this year, 70s style has a contemporary twist, taking Mid-Century shapes and adding a dash of modern character. It’s all about taking a fresh perspective on a stylish classic.

Pastures new

Verdant, viridescent, invigorating. The penchant for the shade of pastoral pleasure just keeps growing, and lashings of green-hued designs were living proof. Moooi smashed it out of the park (as always) with a print so rich in wildlife it cascaded from the walls to the sofa with seamless sass. Not to mention the number of plants we passed. Everywhere. It’s safe to say, this is the year for green-fingered goddesses. We’d better brush up our gardening skills.

Making an impression

The way human beings interact with furniture forms a good chunk of the inspiration behind our designs. But incorporating people into those designs is a whole new ballgame. Abstract human forms took shape in table legs in Milan, and elegant, figurative ceramics made a statement about the ever-growing appreciation for how design impacts human behaviour. We’re obsessed.

Sinking in

Move over super svelte sofas, we want to relax in style. Low to the floor, abundantly plump and large enough for lounging, this new wave of oversized settees is set to revolutionise relaxation time. Proof that style doesn’t have to compromise on comfort, it’s time to make your sofa the spot you can’t wait to come home to.

A warm welcome

Rust is a must. Whether used on a sofa to warm up a living room scheme, or going full throttle, à la Vitra, with walls slathered in a papaya palette, this rich, earthy hue is going to be big. You’ve heard it here, and you’re going to be seeing it everywhere. Fact.

A timeless trend

The ultimate in luxury textures, marble is being used more delicately than ever this year, with super slimline cuts topping tables, in a new wave of elegance. Rich and creamy, it’s a material that’s already stood the test of time and will continue to do so. Find a coffee table topped in the material of the Gods, and you’ll be on trend for life.

A Midas touch

We’ve been working metallics into interiors for a while. Copper certainly had its moment. Chrome too. But now it’s time to be as bold as brass (couldn’t help it). Catching our eyes almost everywhere in Milan, this high-shine material brings an air of confidence to home styling, not to mention undeniable glamour.

Simple living

Simplicity seems to be the buzzword of interior land just lately. Books champion minimalism as a route to greater wellbeing, and we’re told to ensure that every object in our home enriches us somehow. It’s no wonder, then, that inspiration from Japan – the masters of simplicity – underpinned the mood of Milan this year. Considered prints brought a breath of fresh air to clean lined designs. One to watch.

Live wire

Lighting designs are always something we look forward to seeing. The possibilities for creativity seem to be endless, and this year was no exception. Wonderful worlds of wire and dazzling cagey creations lit the fair up with pizzazz. Lights on or off – designs this year proved lighting is a feature in its very own right.

For more chatter from us on our home obsessions, take a look here.

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