Hand-made from start to finish: crafting the Mimi three-seater sofa.

Long rectangular planks of pine arrive wrapped in plastic all the way from New Zealand. Like gifts waiting to be opened. Artisans cut them down to smaller, more manageable pieces, piling them up in Jenga-like towers in the middle of the floor, ready for crafting the Mimi three-seater sofa.



What lies beneath the sofa’s Mink Grey upholstery takes time and effort to put together. The assembly room is alive with activity and sound. Artisans work at lightening speed to the drum and thrum of tools, constructing frames, attaching springs, and weaving heavy duty black webbing in a cross-hatch pattern across the frame.



In a calm room close to the sewing floor, a good-natured atmosphere reigns. Placing a fabric template for the sofa’s inside armrest on a whiteboard, an artisan takes a hand-held electronic tracer and moves it along the template. It beeps as she moves, an indication that the shape she traces is being perfectly captured. Once complete, the patterns are transferred to sugar paper for the seamstresses to work from.



There are four levels of skill on the sewing room floor, but making the cover for the Mimi requires the highest level of expertise. Training is provided on the job; the unskilled eventually becoming craftspeople. But there are only a handful of artisans in the workshop who are able to work on difficult projects like the Mimi.



With the upholstery finished and the seat back perfectly tufted with covered buttons, there’s only one more element to add before the Mimi is complete. Turned oak legs, smooth, conical in shape, arrive from a workshop in the countryside, where artisans specialise in their creation. When paired with the sofa’s shape, it becomes impossible to deny the entire design’s suave mid-century style.

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