Nadia Newton – Designer.

“Guernsey, flora, fauna, beaches and sea give me a huge amount of inspiration, but I also have a bit of a bug for travelling,” says born and bred Guernsey girl, Nadia Newton.“Before we started our family, my husband and I spent a year travelling around the world and went to some amazing places that are etched in my memory.”

After becoming a mum of three, Nadia set up Penelope Hope, her Guernsey-based textiles and homeware studio, in 2014. “Growing up I was artistic and creative, but also dyslexic, so I found some subjects at school quite challenging. My mum helped nurture my creativity, being an arts and textiles teacher.” Designing every print herself, her textiles showcase a range of techniques including hand-sketching, photography, ink and acrylic painting and digital design.


With a focus on quality, detail and luxury, Newton explains, “No two days are the same, I have to split my time across all aspects of the business. I drop my children off to school then head to my studio to get stuck into either designing, painting and researching ideas for next season, but I’m also in charge of looking for new suppliers, working on press releases and editing product photos.”


With a clear desire to design a colourful and lively textile collection that offers something engaging and surprising, Newton aims to inject colour, pattern and personality, with a little dose of fun, into the home. “I’m a big fan of colour, the brighter and the more vibrant the better!”

Penelope Hope

“I’ve been full of ideas, designs and dreams as I’ve travelled and absorbed inspiration along the way. I enjoy researching whether it be trends, colours, innovations, styles – in the past, present or future. However, I try to trust my instincts as to whether a design, trend or colour is going to fit in with the Penelope Hope style and most importantly whether my customers will love it as much as I do!”

Nadia is the designer and founder behind Penelope Hope, collaborator on our latest Designer Edition of the Mimi armchair.

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