Our brand new dinnerware collection – pick a personality.
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Our brand new dinnerware collection – pick a personality.

Feast your eyes on our delightful new dinnerware collections. Crockery, quite frankly, is crucial to a successful evening of entertainment. After all, you can’t eat without it. But what type of personality are you bringing to the table? Use our guide to help make sure you serve your guests in style.

The Rustic Rebel
Swoon Editions Dinnerware

If you’re the type of person that finds beauty in imperfection, the Ines collection (from £40) is for you. Taking curvaceous, organic forms and giving them a rustic edge with a matte bubbly finish, this range appeals to the culinary rebels.

Great for: Giving a homely edge to a minimalist entertainment space, or accentuating a rural kitchen table.


The Sophisticated Siren
Swoon Editons Dinnerware

One for those who like to play it safe, the Helene collection (from £40) is a beacon of timeless style. A symbol of purity, white is an unsurprising favourite for many when it comes to dinnerware. Subtle variations in shape and a pearl-drip effect on the edges add just the right amount of detail, making this classic collection a contemporary hit.

Great for: Dialing down kitchens that have gone bold on colour, or creating a stylish Scandi look against wooden furniture.


The Free Spirit
Swoon Editions Dinnerware

Catch attention with the bold, but beautiful, Laura collection (from £40) – ideal dinnerware for anyone looking to make waves with their dinner party efforts. This set features a glorious coastal blue ombre effect, achieved through softly speckled colour, that results in a strikingly sophisticated place setting.

Great for: Kitchens in need of a pop of colour, or utterly eclectic entertaining spaces.


The Mysterious Madam
Swoon Editions Dinnerware

A stunning statement – the Nova collection (from £40) attracts a very particular eye with its dark, earthy starburst design. A truly unique dinnerware set, that will certainly be a talking point for your guests, while bringing bold sophistication to your gastronomical triumphs.

Great for: Light, airy entertaining spaces and a chef that likes to show off.


The Green Goddess
Swoon Editions Dinnerware

If you’re the kind of person that dots green around their home like it’s going out of fashion, you may be craving the countryside without even realising it. Green instantly injects a space with pastoral pleasure and the Aphaea collection (from £40) was made to do just that.

Great for: Urban apartment kitchens in need of leafy lift.

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