Nomadic collection – eye catching pieces designed to move with you
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Nomadic collection – eye catching pieces designed to move with you

Form and function. We’re obsessed with the combination. A capsule collection of design-led pieces for generation rent – love them now and in every home thereafter.

Compact, lightweight, portable and wallet-friendly, tick. This is pared-back design at its best – eye-catching style and rich materials but without the fussiness. The Nomadic collection will add style to any space, and when it comes to move, it will pack up and reassemble in no time.

Your (rental) home’s about to get a dose of style credentials.

Nomadic lookbook available to download here.



Sam Baldry, Head of Design, comments on the collection:

“Influenced by mid-century Scandinavian design, the Southwark range has turned tapered legs, delicately softened edges and smooth curves that really showcase delicate joinery at its best. We really wanted to focus on what we stand for in one key collection and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome – careful proportioning and neat detailing perfectly delivers the Swoon personality.”



“In creating the Docklands range, we’ve used clever proportioning and light touch detailing to take what might just be a simple industrial piece and turned it into a wonderfully sophisticated utilitarian design. And that’s really what this collection is all about – providing all of the purpose and function that many of us need in our fast-paced nomadic lifestyles but also adding the beauty of great design.”



View our Nomadic collection at, and the entire collection at



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