All of the lights – our lighting collection
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All of the lights – our lighting collection

This is it. The switch has been flipped. Lighting has landed and we can finally see each other in the office. Okay, it wasn’t that bad, but we’re seriously excited. A first foray into the world of illumination – this colourful collection is the talk of Swoon HQ.

So let us tell you a little bit about the latest members of the crew.

Jet set
Known to some as the ‘City of Crystal’, we jetted off to Marinha Grande, Portugal’s largest hub for glass manufacturing. This is where our lighting collection came alive. Skilled craftsmen with over 20 years of experience and expertise in local traditional techniques, set to work on what would become our new crown jewels. These guys have inherited expertise from centuries ago, and it shows.

Design inspiration
Jorge, the spritely designer of our new-found gems, passionately tells us; “It’s the moment that I first get the idea for a design that I love the most.” From memorable childhood toys to simple street lamps – his inspiration for home objects is unique and energetic, and boy does it show. Each pendant is crafted using a whopping four-hour process, from molding to finishing touches.

What we say
From smooth and bulbous, to geometrically-shaped with optic lines – you can mix and match or go all out for one shade in different shapes. It’s like jewelry for your home. Swoon buyer, Faye, was particularly taken by the Treviso as she beamed, “For me, the Treviso ticks all the right boxes; a hint of frill and frippery, combined with the clever use of smoky jewel tones brings the shape up-to-date and will transform an ordinary space into something quite special.”

Clever mixtures of materials and a whole lot of passion is what sets our lighting range apart. From noon until night, our lighting looks as good in daylight as it does when lit up. All you need to do is choose your colour, shape and texture. Your lightbulb moment awaits.

Browse the range here.

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