Breaking news – we’ve hit refresh for spring
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Breaking news – we’ve hit refresh for spring

You might have noticed that it looks a little bit different around here. Well, you’re not imagining it. Just as we dust away the cobwebs and clear out the clutter ahead of spring, we’re doing the same at Swoon HQ. It’s time for a breath of fresh air – fingers crossed it doesn’t start snowing again.

A bold new look
Think daring designs and bold combinations – you’ll notice new energy wherever you go. With daily launches as unique as ever, a fresh new logo and a striking splash of colour all over the Swoon website. We believe your home should evolve with you, so we’re evolving with you too. We’re dedicated to keeping boredom at bay, and inspiration flowing – a constant work in progress. And if this is the first time you’ve stumbled upon us – come and get to know us a little better here.

Know your stuff
Whether you’re contemplating console tables or looking for the latest trends, our NEW BLOG is designed to help you make decisions and scrub up on your interior expertise. As a team of design-lovers, we want to share what we’re doing, what we’re hearing and what we’re loving with you. We want to make the overwhelming decisions a doddle, and turn deliberation into decisiveness. Our ears are open and over the coming months, you’ll see questions answered and inspiration ignited in a hub of home obsession.

Keeping it fresh
Fear not, we’re still releasing new designs daily and they’re more daring than ever. Keep your finger on the pulse by signing up as an Insider here to get our emails. You’ll notice these look a little different too and they’re only going to get better. Our Insiders are always the first to know about our new designs, and we’ll also let you know when our monthly edit of the hottest new pieces is live on the blog. So even if your busy schedule means you miss a few emails, you’ll be able to bookmark and catch up at the weekend.

Eyes peeled
Who’s seen us on the London Underground? Unless our friends are fooling us, many of you city-dwellers will have. But if you’re not in London, we’re coming to you. Adjust your TV sets and keep a beady eye out next week for our debut TV ad. We’re also in full-swing of touring the cities of Blighty with our ever popular pop-up. Find out where we are at the moment by following us on Instagram or heading to the events page here.

In. Real. Life. It’s the most common request we get, and we hear you. If you can’t wait for the next London pop-up, we’ve got good news. We’ve bagged a permanent space at Debenhams. From 29th March, you’ll be able to visit us at the Westfield White City branch and check out the bounce in the Berlin or luminescence of the Lucca for yourselves.

See what else is new here.

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