5 sideboards for small spaces
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5 sideboards for small spaces

It’s a reality. Most of us are strapped for space in our homes, right? But there’s no need to despair – you have options. A lot of options. And when it comes to finding storage that fits into cosy corners, boy have we got a lot of options.

Not only do sideboards make for a handsome furniture feature, they make a handy place to hide away all manner of sins too – and we have a few that we think you’ll love…

To catch eyes
Retro cool meets modern glamour. The Herning’s a 21st Century design classic that’ll catch an eye or two and get your guests’ tongues wagging. The rich wood used to make this piece will make any living room feel warm and fuzzy, while the inlaid brass detailing bounces light around, instantly demanding attention.

To look grown-up
A timeless design can turn the smallest of spaces into the most handsome of features. The Scott will charm your socks off. A parquet-lover’s dream that’s neat enough not to overwhelm a small space. Sturdy steel legs round it off with an industrial vibe. Enough said.

To get the compliments
If you haven’t seen this one on Instagram already, you deserve a medal. The Zabel is a golden goose for compliments. Trust us – we have one in most of our meeting rooms at Swoon HQ. Carefully carved for a textured finish that makes the whole thing pop, and both rustic and contemporary, this is the king of versatility and it brings an added layer of interest to a compact spot.

To get organised
Meet the Douglas. We think you’ll agree he’s pretty handsome. He’s also a bit of a multi-tasker and just manages to keep his cool no matter what chaos ensues inside. This guy will suit you if your bijou abode craves order. Think beautiful but simple texture with as much substance as style. He’ll change your life.

To keep it simple
Keeping small spaces light and airy can be a challenge. Enter the Melvyn. This is simple design at its best, and proves that less is always more. It boasts generous storage space inside and comes complete with a spot underneath for stacking books or dotting with plant life until your heart’s content. No bells and whistles needed.

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