6 marble coffee tables that will transform your living room
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6 marble coffee tables that will transform your living room

Strength, wealth and beauty – only reserved for the Gods, right? Well, not this time. It’s no secret that we’ve all gone mad for marble. The material du jour for the most ‘grammable homes – it’s the ultimate canvas for a perfectly formed flat white and a metamorphic must-have for the latest living rooms. 

At Swoon, we jumped on this trend early doors and we’ve been evolving it ever since. Bring a design deity into your own abode with our edit of marble coffee tables.

Modern goddess
Where else have you seen a marble coffee table that has an integrated wooden bowl? Nowhere. That’s where. The Kolding is most likely to catch a contemporary eye, but it’s pretty hard to ignore no matter what your tastes, and guaranteed to be a talking point.

Celestial charm
Inspired by natural beauty, the Gianni’s giant pebble shape and gold leaf legs make it a true trophy piece. Top with candles and a bunch of fresh blooms to make it sing.

Striking beauty
A coffee table should have presence, and the Athena’s certainly got it. The singing centerpiece that maximises marble with a modern edge. Also available in a brass finish with a rectangular top, if a Deco vibe is more your bag. Just. Stunning.

Solid siren
Proof that marble isn’t reserved for classic designs – the Hansel’s the one you’ll pick if you’ve got a taste for Industrial looks. A genius trio of texture that always catches eyes at our pop-ups, we can’t count the number of people that commented on it. One for the glory hunters.

Opulent idol
As far as attention-seeking furniture goes, the Praia is up there. Mixing metallics with marble (choose from white or green) will give your living room a kick. What a setting for some swanky coffee table books too.

Monochrome marvel
Boxy. Bold. Beautiful. The Cassius is a simple creature with stacks of versatility. If you’re looking for something that’ll be able to withstand a location change from time to time, this is the one for you.

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