6 ways with the new Karla armchair
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6 ways with the new Karla armchair

Roll up, roll up. By popular demand, you can now have your Karla armchair your way. If armchairs were humans, we feel like the Karla would be up there with the most celebrated of celebrities – causing a flutter all over social media and popping up in magazine shoots aplenty. But if you’re wondering whether it’s a case of ‘just a pretty face’, we can vouch for the fact that this armchair truly feels as good as it looks.

We should know – we’ve had samples sitting in Swoon HQ for weeks, and we’ve been fawning all over them. So which style will you be going for?

Classic Beauty
It goes without saying that the classic Karla won the hearts of the nation. Smart, sophisticated and completely timeless, this is the one that you’ve probably seen before, if you don’t own one already. The neutral finish blends so effortlessly into your life, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Country bumpkin
Kick off your wellies and settle down by the fire, the Karla armchair dressed in ‘Hunter’ soft wool has undeniable country charm. Rich, dark and handsome. And if you don’t have a fireplace, simply position in a cosy corner and drape with blankets. Ideal.

Elegantly sophisticated
A far cry from bashful bubblegum, pink has taken a sophisticated turn lately. Some psychiatrists have said it has a calming effect on the brain and the Karla in ‘Blossom’ house weave does just that. This one looks as good in a bedroom as it does in your lounge.

Full of zest
We’ll be honest. We weren’t sure if the Karla armchair could pull this off but boy were we wrong. The Zinnia velvet will make your eyes pop; it gives our sophisticated Karla the burst of energy it’s been waiting for. Great for attention-grabbing in the best possible way.  

A handsome beast
There’s something incredibly handsome about the Karla in leather. The ‘grown-up’ version if you like. It’s a great option for a those who like a space that’s a little rough around the edges, plus it’s guaranteed to age well.   

The absolute boss
Turn the Karla armchair into a throne with Indigo velvet. The ideal option for someone who’s too cautious to go all out with a velvet sofa, this will give a space a touch of luxury without overwhelming.

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