Spotlight: new deco drops from the Swoon Studio
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Spotlight: new deco drops from the Swoon Studio

If you didn’t already know, here at the Swoon we bring you brand new designs each and every month. Constantly striving to refine our practice we see the extraordinary within the ordinary and use it to fuel a new wave of design. 

The Art Deco aesthetic we know and love is as strong as ever and shows no sign of letting up. Under the spotlight this month is a new dose of distinctive coffee tables, shelving units and console tables, fresh out of the Swoon Studio. 

Bold metal-work, flashes of brass, and ornate detailing. What’s not to like?



Loretta Shelving Unit £499



When it comes to helping your home décor stand out, often it’s the simple touches that matter the most – take the unexpected black-stained timber on the Loretta Shelving.

Enjoy how the shelves look as though they almost floating (a clever trick), while brass detailing adds depth and tone. We think it makes a dramatic backdrop for your favourite conversation-starting books.



Loriini console table £399



Everything has a place, a purpose and a home-obsessed owner. That’s the Loriini’s take on things, anyway.

A sculptural work of art as much as a home for your keys and letters. Inspired by the Loriini parrot, the ultra-Deco base of this console table takes the form of a Deco birdcage – while the top screams opulence in a sleek white marble.

Gaps between brass spokes maintain a light aesthetic, making this table both visual and versatile. We’re writing a love letter to it as we speak.



Orien shelving £89



Ready to make a statement in your living room? Then say hello to the Orien Shelves. Sturdy thanks to two richly textured timber shelves, it’s the matte black-finished diamond that takes centre stage and defines these shelves as an art piece in their own right.

Don’t worry though, it’s still ideal for showcasing your favourite trinkets.



Eros coffee table £329



A stunningly refined deco piece.

This oval coffee table oozes 1920s’ class with its luxurious brass framework and contrasting black tapering legs to give a confident, mature aesthetic.

The crystal clear glass, nested within shows off that beautiful framework in all its glory. A perfect style to take centre stage.




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