The story behind…the Aero
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The story behind…the Aero

Lays the foundations

The Aero is simple shelving that makes you look twice. According to Swoon Studio designer Sam Greig, it takes a lot of influence from London and its ever-changing skyline.

‘You only have to look at the horizon to see tons of buildings at different stages of construction; some are nearly finished, others are stripped right down to the foundations. And there’s definitely a nod to that in the Aero – its silhouette looks like one of those modern high rises with these huge open structures, waiting to be filled with panes of glass and, eventually people, businesses, flats. It’s the same with the shelving – the basic steel work is always there, but it really comes to life once it’s filled.’


Filled with potential

The Aero’s symmetry encourages you to curate your things in a different way. It may look mighty fine filled with your most-loved books, but the separate spaces within it create pockets that you can use for all sorts of ingenious uses.

As Sam says, ‘I’ve seen them used as room dividers or to display interior gardens, with loads of hanging plants draped down them. They’re also amazing in the kitchen for storing and showcasing ceramics and tableware. What it does is create the perfect plinth for all your most treasured objects – kind of a deserving space for everything that you’re most passionate about, whether that’s books, plants, ceramics, alcohol… All of the things that you might hold most dear!’


Divides the room

Although its design is industrial and asymmetrical, the Aero is a bit of a chameleon: ‘It’s sleek and modern, but it wouldn’t feel out of place in a very traditional house. It’s basically like a silhouette of a shelving unit – it’s what people think shelving should be but with a bit of a surprise – with these little divisions, while keeping the whole thing open.

With the black version, depending on the angle you look at it from, you get these effective panes of black set against transparency and the objects it holds. The brass one is more glam and bold – but in both cases, it’s a lovely way of dividing up a big space if you’re lucky enough to have it! It’s about introducing storage in a way that doesn’t feel obtrusive – and not having to sacrifice your aesthetic through function.

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