The story behind… the Fresco
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The story behind… the Fresco

Safety first

The Fresco range is inspired by classic mid-century Scandinavian design: tapered timber legs, simple shape, and the fusion of natural wood with metallics. But what makes it special is the upstand that sits on top of it. Swoon Studio designer Sam Greig describes it as a way to ‘keep your wares safe. It’s taken from a more traditional style of cabinetry – those roll-top desks that feel somehow encased in the room, and that keep your things enclosed.’


Well matched

Sam’s soft spot for the Fresco comes from the fact that it’s contemporary without being too harsh: ‘It’s clean but it’s not boring – it’s not too pared back. The turned legs make it feel lighter and also softer. If you look at lots of other Swoon furniture, we make quite a lot of angular pieces, but this is softer and more delicate.

‘A lot of the time as designers we’re trying to find a balance between natural and more man-made elements. I think the Fresco is a really good example of this; we’ve partnered different shades of mango wood with brass, which still feels quite natural and not overly industrial, but which also has this element of luxury. It makes it feel refined with its elegant metallic backdrop.



‘We’re also not asking people to be too brave with this piece, either. It’s got enough Art Deco detailing to stand out, but without it dominating a whole space. It would fit most scenarios, whether that’s a brand spanking new flat or a period property. It nods enough to that ever-popular, and flexible, mid-century aesthetic to sit comfortably anywhere.’

Due consideration

The sideboard in particular has a considered layout. It doesn’t just have three doors – in the middle there are three drawers, each with different depths to suit specific purposes. As Sam says, ‘it feels functional and considered. Everything has its place, and people can find a way to tailor it to their specific belongings and needs.




‘We’ve recently added a desk to the range, too. We just felt that the Fresco lends itself really well to a desk, because you get this sense because of the encased top that you’re collating, curating and stowing all of your things in some sort of physical framework.’

You can shop the Fresco range here.

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