Superior scents: our new Maison candle collection
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Superior scents: our new Maison candle collection

The talented Swoon studio team has been busy of late, most recently working on a new range of candles, created with contemporary homes in mind. We’re particularly excited (cue drum roll) to share our Maison collection with you, which is inspired by the greenery in our urban landscapes – from the plucky plants that spring up through the cracks in pavement, to the unexpected bursts of wildflowers in our parks and all the other verdant spaces that break up the concrete jungles we call home. 

For this collection, three Swoon insiders conjured up their favourite fragrant London moments, and then collaborated with artisan British candlemakers to bring them to life. Hand-poured in the Herefordshire countryside, the candles are made from natural soy and rapeseed wax, a renewable, carbon-neutral source that burns for longer: each candle has a burn time of 65 hours.

As the natural world feels like it’s winding down for winter, now’s the perfect time to fill your home with a burst of uplifting scent. Read on to discover more about our Maison candles, and the places and seasons that inspired them.


Victoria Park 

Already longing for the scent of spring? This candle might well do the trick. It was inspired by the smells of Victoria Park at sunrise. Notes of cut grass and jasmine awaken and invigorate the senses, evoking the fragrant freshness of dewy mornings filled with anticipation for the day ahead. 

The notes for this scent were selected by our Bethnal Green-based co-founder, Debbie, who loves taking Bertie, her Boston Terrier, for morning strolls in Victoria Park. If you haven’t experienced this beautifully landscaped haven, it’s worth a visit for the doorstop sandwiches at Pavilion Café alone. From here, you can find a quiet spot to sit and watch the ducks on the West Boating Lake, head across to the nearby Regent’s Canal or wander the park’s tree-lined pathways. 


Seven Dials

It feels like a distant dream now, but if we think hard, we can still remember the glorious days of that last long, hot summer that seemed to linger forever and then disappear in a flash. London was at its best, the streets filled with people enjoying life al fresco, and the air with energy and excitement. 

The notes of our Seven Dials-inspired scent where chosen by our categories manager, Alice, who picked mandarin, lime and gardenia to energise and enliven. Friday nights in summer are Alice’s favourite time, when she can often be found (like the rest of us) rounding off the week with a sundowner or two. Take yourself back to sunny Friday feels and warm weekends with this lush and lively fragrance. 


London Fields

Autumn’s not long gone, but we miss it already… the misty mornings, the leaves turning from green to gold, the spectacular sunsets that set fire to the sky. If, like us, you’re not quite ready for winter, then wind the clock back a little with our London Fields candle.

The notes of this scent were picked by Sam, our head of design, whose post-work routine includes a daily walk though this leafy little East London oasis. A combination of rose and musk recall Sam’s favourite time of day, when leaves rustle underfoot and bicycle bells ring out in the early evening quiet, and the damp and earthy scent of autumn comes into own.



To find out more about each one of our beautifully packaged, hand-poured candles, head here. 

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