Susan Castillo – Designer
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Susan Castillo – Designer

“Having people put faith in what you do is a massive deal,” says Susan Castillo, creator of our latest Designer Edition, speaking of her career as a freelance designer.

With a degree in craft and design, it’s no wonder her work combines a multitude of skills. Taking shape through a stringent process of sketching, photography, colour sampling and then printing, she’s certainly got her hands full. “Each design is crafted from my original photographs. Care and consideration are paid to light, colour and placement of the subject, before I even begin bringing all the images together to create the designs”. 


“The Palm print was the result of watching a lot of Mad Men, a show I absolutely adore! There were a lot of episodes in California and I loved the tropical 50s/60s prints being flashed about.”

Susan Castillo

For a print so inspired by mid-century styling, it seemed like a no-brainer to pick the Calvin as the backdrop for this dark botanical print. “The dramatic lines seemed a good match with the bold vintage style of the Palm print.” The overall result is a statement sofa that has the ability to transcend the seasons.


I often take cues from painters like Vermeer and Caravaggio, whose ability to capture light has always inspired me.” The palms on her Designer Edition have a lifelike quality to them that’s all down to her ability to capture light in her designs.Light plays a major factor in my work – it’s a magical way to create a feeling. It’s really liberating being at the start and end of creating something and hopefully having people take those creations to become part of their lives.”

Susan Castillo is a photographer and textile designer. She is the creative talent behind our latest Designer Edition of the Calvin sofa.

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