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4 years ago · 7 min read
Ou, Yi Qing, 44 – wood moisture specialist.

“My wife and I have an agreement that whoever gets home first starts the cooking. I can’t cheat as she works here as well, in the painting department, so she’ll know if I’m just shuffling or detouring on my way home.”

4 years ago · 7 min read
Yu, Ren Lin, 57 – carpenter.

“I’ve been a carpenter my whole life. I use to make furniture by hand in my village and people would travel for miles from neighboring villages to put in their requests. Back then, having wooden furniture made was a big event, once in a lifetime for most people, usually when they got married.”

4 years ago · 7 min read
How did you meet your wife?

Hong Bo grins. “I come from the local area but my wife grew up in a province far away from here. We were set up by her sister who worked nearby, she invited my wife to stay with her and that’s how we met.”

4 years ago · 7 min read
Upcycled style: a burgeoning desire for reclaimed wood.

Furniture makers, decorators, artists and antique dealers come from all over the province of Zhejiang to the wood market in Shangyu, China. It’s like a small wooden town on the edge of the city where twenty vendors, each with their own outdoor area, can sell their wares.

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Hand-crafted from start to finish – crafting the Claude petite chest.

Luna runs his hand over the freshly cut curves of the Claude petite chest’s front. The shape is serpentine, undulating elegantly. “This is one of my favourite pieces to make,” he says. “Specifically because of the curves in the drawer front. As a carpenter, making something clean and straight is nice, but it doesn’t compare […]

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Tell us about yourself.

Luna has a naturally happy disposition. His colleagues claim he’s the joker. “I come from the Khati caste, it means carpenter. I love making all the furniture.” He drags out ‘all’ for emphasis – “allll the furniture.”

5 years ago · 7 min read
How did you come to be a colour master?

“I used to be an artist, a painter of miniature Mughal art that’s particularly popular in southern Asia. After a while the market for that kind of work fell, so I’ve been searching for a role where I could still work with paint and with colour. Now I believe I was born to be a […]