#cotton upholstery

5 years ago · 7 min read
What do you enjoy the most about your job?

Sukesh, shrugs, smiles, and looks around the workshop; the freshly dyed yarn hangs bright against its white walls. “I love colour,” he says, a simple yet honest answer. “This is my favourite colour,” he tells us, patting the traditional South Indian sarong he wears. “Orange.”

6 years ago · 7 min read
You live so close to the beach; do you go there often?

“Not as often as I would like,” Sajna tells us as we walk from her living room into the neighbouring textile workshop she runs with her husband. It’s where our Duck Egg Blue cotton fabric is made. “You’d be surprised. Not many people around here do. I’m one of the few people I know who […]

6 years ago · 7 min read
Tell us about your daughter.

“My daughter’s name is Ameya – it means immeasurable.” Vidya tells us. “Do you know what else is immeasurable?” We offer examples but she shakes her head before beaming at us. “Love.”

6 years ago · 7 min read
Have you always been an upholsterer?

“No.” Ram Rich Pal Singh has an abrupt way of speaking, but it’s not without warmth. “I was in the paramilitary for 22 years,” he tells us. “After I retired, it wasn’t long before I got sick of sitting around the house. “He bangs his hand on the table for emphasis. “I think it’s better […]

6 years ago · 7 min read
How did you come to be an upholsterer?

Vijay has a big smile. He’s the workshop’s self-styled joker, the one who brightens everyone’s day. “My Guru brought me here. We came from the same neighbourhood in Uttar Pradesh. He was the one who suggested I learn upholstery and I’m so grateful that I did.”

6 years ago · 7 min read
Under the spotlight: From raw cotton to finished fabric.

In the Blow Room the doors to the outside are open, revealing the intense greenery of tropical southern India. The thick heat wafts into the room, enveloping us in an instant. Women flock to the open bundles of compressed cotton. They start to prepare it, getting it ready for the machine that will move slowly […]

6 years ago · 7 min read
Hand-crafted from start to finish – crafting the Lille armchair.

Surrounded by towers of mango wood planks Sohan, a carpenter in the wood workshop, hand-selects the best pieces destined for the Lille armchair. Studying them, he visualises how many of the armchair’s parts can be cut out without wasting any of the wood. Once satisfied, he takes his collection of stencils and begins to trace. […]

6 years ago · 7 min read
How did you learn your skill?

Mohd sits on the edge of what’s called a pit loom, a large hole dug out of the ground, the loom placed over the top, his feet operating the pedals below. “A friend invited me to Panipat, the place where dhurries originate, so that I could learn to weave them. My skill is a ‘boon’ […]