1 year ago · 7 min read
The language of obsession: an interview with our Copywriter

“I could not live without languages – I couldn’t live in a world that only speaks English.” If you live in a city like London, you’ll know it can be tricky to quell the chaos. Which is why it’s quite an achievement that Fran, Swoon’s Copywriter, and her fiancé Nick have managed to carve out […]

1 year ago · 7 min read
The road less travelled: an interview with our founder

“I used to completely rearrange my gran’s house. I must have been into interiors from a young age.” Perched on a quiet industrial street in Bethnal Green is the home of Debbie, Swoon’s Co-founder and Creative Director. Situated in an old warehouse block, Debbie’s two-floor apartment is right at the top. The front door sits […]