2 years ago · 7 min read
Material world – our obsession with Terrazzo

Hailing from the pavements of Venice – “pavimento alla veneziana” – and favoured by the era of Art Deco, Terrazzo was a happy accident originally born out of a need for a decorative but affordable building material. When we mention it at Swoon HQ, people seem to find it amusing. How did this once ‘naff’ […]

2 years ago · 7 min read
All of the lights – our lighting collection

This is it. The switch has been flipped. Lighting has landed and we can finally see each other in the office. Okay, it wasn’t that bad, but we’re seriously excited. A first foray into the world of illumination – this colourful collection is the talk of Swoon HQ.

3 years ago · 7 min read
All of the lights – our new lighting collection

It was about time we had a lightbulb moment. We know that anyone who’s passionate about their home understands the transformative ability of the right lighting. So after being inundated with requests to launch our own lighting range, we set out on a mission to track down the mood of the moment. We knew pendant […]