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2 years ago · 7 min read
Your perfect interior cocktail

You can tell a lot about a person by the cocktails they drink, or so they say. Just like your interior style, cocktails can be fun and quirky, smooth and elegant, fresh and lively, or simple and timeless. But can we tell which furniture suits you based on your favourite cocktails? We can certainly try.

2 years ago · 7 min read
5 velvet sofas that make an impact

With historical links to royalty, velvet has long been a symbol of luxury. Said to hail from the Middle East, it gained popularity in Europe thanks to the Italians who jumped on the bandwagon during the Renaissance. For a long time, though, it carried a premium that made it exclusive to nobility.

2 years ago · 7 min read
6 marble coffee tables that will transform your living room

Strength, wealth and beauty – only reserved for the Gods, right? Well, not this time. It’s no secret that we’ve all gone mad for marble. The material du jour for the most ‘grammable homes – it’s the ultimate canvas for a perfectly formed flat white and a metamorphic must-have for the latest living rooms. 

2 years ago · 7 min read
What’s on trend – the Power Palette

Move over muted minimalism – 2018 is the year of the maximalist. The year of stepping into creativity and presenting your personality to the world. Think mixing and matching patterns, embracing eclecticism and expressing yourself to the max. One of the best things about this trend is the exploration of colour – bold, bright and […]

2 years ago · 7 min read
How to choose the perfect sofa

Looking for the perfect sofa is a bit like dating. Finding ‘the one’ is tough. You’ve got to look forward to coming home to it every day, you wake up to it every weekend and it’ll need to see you through all of the triumphs and tragedies that life throws at you. It’s a big […]

5 years ago · 7 min read
Yu, Wei Jin, 41 – finishing expert.

“When I was 13 I started selling ice lollies near my house. I did it every day in the mornings and evenings. I was making Rmb150-200 in profit every month – that was a lot of money then. I used some of the money to help my parents pay for my school fees. With the […]