#Mimi sofa

4 years ago · 7 min read
Jinju Lee – Designer

“It describes my move from my emotional home in London to my more structured home in South Korea, much like me there is two overlapping stories in one design.” Jinju Lee, textile designer behind our latest Designer Edition, certainly has a story to tell.

5 years ago · 7 min read
Under the spotlight: the art of modern design.

In the designer’s studio, the walls are covered in mood boards, photos, magazine cutouts, hand-drawn doodles of sofas and chairs, and elaborate floral patterns. When it comes to designing a sofa like our Mimi or any of the beautiful pieces that come from the workshop, Bertil, one of the designers looks all over for inspiration […]

5 years ago · 7 min read
Hanh – tracing the Mimi shape.

“My parents were expecting a girl so when I was born, they gave me a girl’s name. I got teased a bit at school because of my name, so I started trying to make everybody laugh. I was as nice to them as possible and it worked – after a few months no-one teased me […]

5 years ago · 7 min read
Hōa, 21 – upholsterer.

“I’m an adventurer. I left home at 14 and have moved from city to city ever since. The country is so boring. I love city life. And because I’m friendly and kind, people like me – so I always make friends easily.”