1 year ago · 7 min read
Hex Appeal: storage inspired by geometry

There’s a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ floating around our latest storage designs – and it’s not just the fact that they’re stirring up a storm in the Swoon HQ with their bold beauty.

2 years ago · 7 min read
Colour stories – 4 ways to work with green

Known for its ability to instil a feeling of calm, and easy to pair with multiple colours, it’s no wonder green is a popular choice in homes. With a central position on the visible spectrum, green is particularly easy on the eye. Pair that with its tendency to evoke pastoral pleasure and you can see […]

2 years ago · 7 min read
The March Edit – 9 new pieces we can’t live without

We’ve only just met them. But we’re in love. Every month we’re lucky enough to see a myriad of magnificent designs drop at Swoon HQ, so when it comes to choosing our favourites, it’s tough. From decadently Deco bar stools to textured wall cabinets, our interior obsessions know no bounds. Give your home something new […]

2 years ago · 7 min read
5 sideboards for small spaces

It’s a reality. Most of us are strapped for space in our homes, right? But there’s no need to despair – you have options. A lot of options. And when it comes to finding storage that fits into cosy corners, boy have we got a lot of options.

3 years ago · 7 min read
Under the spotlight: screen-printing.

The most defining feature of our Sahara chest of drawers is the screen-printed patterns. One of the earliest methods of printing, dating back over two thousand years, it brings an ethnic, folkish feel to this otherwise mid-century shaped design.

4 years ago · 7 min read
Under the spotlight: sand casting.

A craft that’s been honoured for thousands and thousands of years, sand casting is our choice of method for creating the brass plate-and-ring handles used on a number of our French and modern country-style pieces. It all takes place in our workshop dedicated purely to sand casting in Jaipur’s Old Town. Step inside.

4 years ago · 7 min read
Shayan Ji, senior artisan.

“I’m the most senior artisan here. I have 40 years of experience and I teach everybody who is new; I think of them as my disciples. The ‘Ji’ part is added to my name as a mark of respect.”

4 years ago · 7 min read
Rakesh, 20 – painter.

Rakesh is one of the shyest artisans we know. He barely made eye contact with us. But with the camera, he came out of his shell entirely.

4 years ago · 7 min read
Ladhu Singh, carpenter.

“My name translates as ‘found out along the way’. It doesn’t sound beautiful like some Indian names. It doesn’t mean prince or sacred one, but to me it’s still blessed. It shows how my life is a journey.”

5 years ago · 7 min read
Mahaveer, 46 – joiner.

Mahaveer has been working on frame carpentry and joinery for over a decade. “Us older craftsmen have a duty and a process to follow that’s bigger than our day-to-day role. There’s a lack of technical education in India so we have to train the younger generation. We take care of our apprentices so they want […]

5 years ago · 7 min read
Pukhraj, 33 – joiner and supervisor.

Jolly was the word that sprung to mind when we interviewed Pukhraj. He told us about his necklace. “It has a gold medallion with Lord Hanuman on; he helps to keep evil away. I’ve had it for 13 years and it reminds me that God is always with me. I had it made by a […]

5 years ago · 7 min read
Naresh, 35 – screen printer.

Naresh spoke to us at length about his ‘pets’. He has two buffalo, a cow, and a goat. “It’s time consuming, but I have time to give. I believe in patience.”

5 years ago · 7 min read
Ramcharan, 49 – helper.

We asked Ramcharan what he thought about traditional craft and the younger generation. It somehow turned into an extraordinary tale of pregnancy, elephants, snakes, camels, attracting a mate, and whether the summer was a good time to have babies. We didn’t quite understand how we got there.

5 years ago · 7 min read
Avdesh, 28 – carpenter.

“There’s a local tale that says if a wife is angry with her husband she won’t tell him. Instead, she’ll add more and more salt to his food. My food is always perfect. I hope that means my wife is happy.”

5 years ago · 7 min read
Kanharam, 21 – stainer.

“My outlook on life is simple. I’m happy to take life as it comes. I approach life with this line in my head: ‘I’ve put my boat in the water, let the water decide where it moves.’”

5 years ago · 7 min read
Bhawanai, 25 – sander.

We asked Bhawani about the amulet around his neck. “It’s actually a locket, filled with hand-written scriptures that have been blessed by a priest to ward off the devil. I was given it 12 years ago and have worn it ever since.”