The best lighting for dreary January nights
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The best lighting for dreary January nights

These dark days aren’t going anywhere, you guys. It’s not fun feeling like a swamp person – leaving for work before sunrise, surfacing for some food, and returning home in the dark – but there is one plus. A bright side, if you will. And that’s the opportunity to fill your home with the very best lighting to banish the night sky outside and create a cosy haven within.

Plug-in perfection

We can’t get enough of these designs. Say you’ve got a space that’s poorly lit, but you’re not into the idea of a big old floor lamp, and you don’t have room for a side table for a little lamp to sit on. Yes, you could get an electrician round to install a ceiling or wall light. Or you could get one of these ridiculously nifty plug-in numbers: just attach the ceiling hook or wall bracket and wrap the cord around it – and enjoy industrial lighting at its most discreet. Without an electrician. Boom.

Dining-area drama

A dining table never looks better than when it’s got a beautiful pendant light hanging over it. It unifies the whole space and creates a real hub for the home – plus it means you can actually see what you’re serving and eating. Or that juicy book you’re reading. Or that crossword you’re totally smashing.

Side-table saviour

Plants, lamps and cushions: they’re home game-changers with the power to take a room from bleak to beautiful. For those ‘nothing’ corners of your home, a table lamp will give light and life, especially if you’ve got some trinkets next to it for it to illuminate: vases, succulents, pictures of you looking silly as a small child, etc.

Reading-nook requirement

Strain your eyes no more – and jazz up your living room in the process. A clean, traditional design gives subtle warmth, while a metallic deco option is a statement piece in its own right. Nestle yours behind the sofa for the ultimate curl-up-with-a-good-book set-up.

See our full range of luxe lighting here.

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