The 4 best ways to start your summer
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The 4 best ways to start your summer

You might have seen it in our emails. There’s a chance you’ve spotted it on our Insta stories. Hell, you may have even clicked through the images on site with a view to drastically improving your summer. We wouldn’t blame you.

Our garden furniture is pretty new but it’s already causing something of a stir. With everything from rocking chairs to bistro tables in the mix, we designed it with your balcony, your patio, your teeny tiny garden and even your country estate in mind. And Al, of course. Long live Mr. Fresco.

Creating ample opportunities for you to get your sunny season off to a strong start, here are the ways our new collection will make your SS19:

1. Colour


The clouds may still linger (away with you!), but we’re taking matters into our own hands until the sun peeks through – with colour. Colour everywhere, from market-bought watermelons to the orange of Aperol to our very own garden furniture. Don’t sit this one out. Introduce your patio to passion – the blues and greens of our Clapham garden range will help you out.


2. Books, Solitude & Mindfulness


Before the guests land on your front door, steal yourself away for a moment of solitude. What better time to delve back into that book you keep starting and never finishing? Yep. We’ve got a whole shelf of those books. That’s why we designed this rocking chair

Finsbury rocking chair in Grey Steel – was £329, now £230

It enjoys some mesmerising metal circles and intersecting loops, giving the rocking chair a much (much, much) needed update. And did we mention that it comes in four colours? Choose from black, azure blue, muted Scandi grey (pictured) and THE MINT GREEN (in caps because it’s our favourite – ssshh don’t tell).

And the Kennington is another perfect companion for your mindful moments. When comfort’s your main goal, you’ve got a tilted-back seat and those beautiful cushions. There’s even a matching footstool – and a table for your cocktail. Just don’t forget the SPF.

Shop the whole outdoor furniture range here.

3. Company


Misery may love company, but happy summers have monopolised it. Big thanks to good weather, which has the power to turn us into the extroverts we know we secretly are. So when Saturday eventually decides to make an appearance, socialise in style – whether a heart-to-heart over an aromatic coffee (mmm) or a sunset card game, holiday-style.

Our Upton chairs have something to say about that appetising plan:

Upton outdoor dining chairs (set of two) in Black Steel – was £199, now £139

And here’s the BFF bonding scenario we’ve had playing in our head all week:

4. Dining


Furniture design is the number one, but how could we possibly forget food? The best way, in our wise-ish opinion, to kick-start your summer properly is to invite old Al Fresco over for a bite (remember him?).

So bring out your inner hunter-gatherer with a mad dash to the supermarket and an impromptu BBQ sesh – or channel the Tuscan aristocrat in you and set out the lunch feast of dreams.

Olive trees: optional. Cooking skills: desirable. Our garden furniture: no-brainer.

Take it away, Al:

Shop the whole outdoor furniture range here.

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