Tom Goodbun – designer.

“If I weren’t a designer, I think I’d be a cook, with the same design approach and mindset I have now, except instead of materials I’d have ingredients, and instead of sitting on or using a final product, I’d be eating it!” laughs Tom Goodbun, the furniture designer behind our latest Designer Edition – the Aravali.

After studying Furniture design at Nottingham Trent University, Tom went on to cut his teeth working with a couple of large furniture names before setting up All Quiet Studios, his own multi-disciplinary design agency. I’ve always been lateral and kinaesthetic in my approach to life, dissecting information and objects in the only way I know how, via deconstruction vs creation. I suppose it’s what made me interested in design as a whole, without really ever realising.”

Tom Goodbun, designer edition

Demonstrating a fondness for subtle details, Tom’s Designer Edition, the Aravali, not only highlights the beautiful textures and variations of marble – the material of the moment – but also, he explains “There was a particular number that kept cropping up in my early scaling and I decided to make all lengths a multiple of that, even down to the proportioning between the marble tops. Sometimes I’ll hide in a quote or graphic that might never be seen once the product is assembled, or pay homage to something odd with my colour choices.” An interesting and meticulous approach to detail.

Tom Goodbun, designer edition

As for his design process? Never one to limit himself creatively, he explains “It’s all about iteration. It’s how I was taught and it’s the best way to have full control over a process without limiting yourself. You can spend all your time and effort hunting one really rare butterfly and maybe never find it, while on the other hand a really big net, works just as well catching you hundreds and, who knows, you may just find one you weren’t looking for? Plus it’s more fun!”

Tom is the Designer behind the Aravali – check it out here.