What’s on trend – brass finishes
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What’s on trend – brass finishes

Molten metallics have long been an interior must-have. But 2018 is getting a Midas touch. Brass finishes replace copper-clad designs for a more sophisticated feel, whether you want to show off with high shine or dot nuggets of novelty around your home. 

The new metallic is here to add a dash of Deco in whichever measure you choose.

Bold as brass
Rarely are the well-behaved remembered – so why not be bold? From stunning starbursts to cracking cladding, our statement storage pieces are a sure-fire way to get serious cred in this trend. These cabinets were made to sit effortlessly in a number of schemes; from neutral nooks to colourful crannies, their charm is in their ability to ignite energy and inspire creativity. Or maybe they’re just downright eye-catching. Not for the faint-hearted.  

Delicate luxury
Proof that you don’t have to shout to be heard. Opt for elegance with delicate designs that don’t compromise on impact. Fine lines become striking silhouettes in brass finishes – dot with foliage for a sophisticated spring look.

Defining accent
Statement handles, inlaid details and frames that pack a punch – go for designs that make use of brass touches to create a show-stopping finish. These flashes of golden glory elevate rich woods and add warmth to a room.

Malleable mixtures
Indulge yourself in Deco luxe with the holy duo – marble and metallics. From lush greens to creamy whites, the ideal partner for the metal of the moment is undoubtedly this sophisticated stone. A great choice for a side table if you want to introduce a touch of glamour to a room without overwhelming.  

Ultimate glam
A popular choice on social media, bar trolleys are a hit. And what says ‘let’s party’ better than a decadent trolley dipped in gold. Okay, not actual gold, but you know what we mean. Even if you use them like a side table, to perch a cuppa and the Sunday paper upon, bar trolleys come loaded with 1920s glamour and have an ability to make you want to dance on the tables. Warning – they could disturb that quiet night in you had planned.

Perfect pins
Subtle yet playful, a sofa propped up with metallic pins is bound to get tongues wagging. Team with plush velvet for a seat that sings, or use to elevate an understated wool. It might not be an immediately obvious feature, but that makes it all the more charming.

Browse more metallics in our Deco section here.

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