What’s on trend – the Power Palette
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What’s on trend – the Power Palette

Move over muted minimalism – 2018 is the year of the maximalist. The year of stepping into creativity and presenting your personality to the world. Think mixing and matching patterns, embracing eclecticism and expressing yourself to the max. One of the best things about this trend is the exploration of colour – bold, bright and unapologetically daring.

Let us introduce you to our ‘power palette’, to inspire you to inject some much-needed vigour into your home.

A bold investment
Forget playing it safe. You’re braver than that, so why shouldn’t your sofa be? Vivid velvets and eye-catching cottons await. The great thing about a striking sofa is that it can take centre stage in a muted living room or be the crowning glory of a vibrant scheme. It’s a no-brainer – this is a must-have for a true maximalist.

Rich taste
A palette of power at the dinner table is essential, in more ways than one. It’s a great place to start with this trend as it’s not as scary a commitment as a sofa. Nova is a great shout – it’s rich in colour and boasts a starburst design that’ll make your taste buds tingle. It’ll add instant personality to your dinner table, and make even the worst of culinary disasters look good.

Perfectly polished
Metallics set a maximalist colour palette on fire. Deep, bold hues bounce off high-shine finishes, while brassy accents make ice-cream colours pop. Use as sparingly or frivolously as you like – this is all about experimenting and making your spaces as unique as you are.

The unexpected pop
As we know, storage is no longer a purely functional product. We use these pieces to speak volumes about ourselves, and a powerful pop of colour is the perfect way to do just that. Storage solutions like the Connie sideboard or the Laguna bedside team colour and pattern for extra pizzazz. Dot with bright accessories and a thriving houseplant to catch attention.

Daily motivation
If there’s one thing a power palette is good for, it’s boosting energy – and if you ever need to feel the fizz, it’s when you’re hard at work. Make your home office pack a punch with powerful upholstery and dynamic décor. A brightly coloured scheme will inspire creativity, while deep, rich tones can encourage contemplation. Whatever you choose, make sure you feel excited to get back to it each day – that’s the key to success.

Winding down
Being bold in the bedroom is always a good thing, right? Well, some say that muted colours are more conducive to calm, but there are other ways you can encourage colour in your sleep scheme. Intensely dark tones can be incredibly soothing, while layering bed linen in multiple shades can breathe new life into a tired boudoir. Only you know what’ll help boost the beauty sleep, so go with your instinct.

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