Under the spotlight: leg-turning.

Beautifully contoured legs have been commonplace in furniture design for thousands of years. You see it particularly with rustic, country designs like our Astor ottomans. Go behind the scenes of our wood workshop and watch the craft transform the mango wood base.


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At the heart of it all is the lathe. What makes woodturning unique is the tools remain stationary and it’s the wood that moves. The chunk of mango wood is clamped into place. Our design sketch is placed in front of the carpenter, Aslam, and he marks references points onto the wood to guide him. The process reminds us of pottery and sculpture. One moment all you can see is a solid block, then suddenly a design appears. Everything happens so fast.


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The whole frame is constructed by hand. Once the legs are shaped, Pradeep creates the mortice and tenon joints, and Jivjav handles assembly. Sanding by hand perfects things. Using paper and cloth means our artisans have complete control. After the careful craftsmanship that goes into creating the rounds of the legs, precision sanding is a fail-safe way to make sure that shape is softened but remains protected.


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