Under the spotlight: tufting by hand.

Tufting. Square, diamond, or buttoned, it’s an upholstery finishing technique that can transform a piece entirely. Our Astor ottomans are all diamond-tufted. Follow the hands that create its luxurious, pocketed effect.


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It begins with needle and thread, or rather a piece of strong cord. The cotton or linen upholstery is chalked to guide the stitcher. Draped over the cushion, two needles pull a single piece of cord through the cushion’s base. It pierces through the fabric. They loop it over and pull it back down through the layers. Four ends now hang below the base, pulling the fabric downwards. The amount of pull is gauged by these trained hands.

The process is repeated, moving outwards. As they work, the upholsters fold over material in-between the tufts to form neat pleats. Many neat pleats create a diamond.


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Elegance is achieved by the diamond tufting. Heritage is introduced through the brass studs that trace its perimeter. They secure the edges of the fabric in place, so the tufts and pleats don’t lose any of their form.

Sometimes, the upholstery team will move the Astor onto its side so the upholstered top stands vertical. It means they can step back and assess their work straight on. Like an artist does with his easel.

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