Wu, Cong Yan, 39 – Sander.

“I grew up in Guangxi where the air is good and you’re surrounded by mountains. I just loved playing in the mountains. Those kinds of things really inform who you are. We go back to visit once a year.”


Bench, Gustavian style

“Our twins are so naughty. I have to work really hard to calm them down. Work and children – they make the days go by so quickly.”


Bench, Gustavian style

Cong Yan and her husband, Kou Tian, balance each other out at home and in the workshop. “I’m really strict with the twins as I want them to study hard, get an education, and have a good life. My husband is more lenient than me. The kids fight back and sometimes I think I’m too strict, but at the same time I know it’s so important they get a good education.”

Cong Yan works on our Gustavian-style Juliette bench.

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